Our Mission

The Mission of Beccaria & Associates is three-fold:

  • First, to help non-profit, community benefit organizations become more efficient, effective and impactful providers of community services
  • Second, to provide expert professional assistance to individuals and organizations involved in philanthropy.
  • Third, to better enable individuals and organizations to be difference-makers in the philanthropic areas of their choosing.




Louis J. Beccaria Ph.D. has over 50 years of successful leadership experience encompassing the, Philanthropic, Non-Profit/Community Benefit field as well as service in state government.

Beccaria & Associates provided critical expertise, guidance and support in helping the board staff launch the VNA Foundation of Greater North Penn. The board felt confident in moving ahead with the tools provided to shape their own unique vision and remain greatful for the collaborative which led to the foundation being operational and an intergal part of the community rather quickly!


Joanne Kline, Executive Director   VNA Foundation of Greater North Penn